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Why The Bridgewater Club Switched to Club Car

Posted On: November 2, 2017 by ClubProcure in: Pro Shop

Why Davenport Country Club Switched to Club Car

Golf carts are an important component to any golf club and golfers expect to have quality carts available to them. There are many different brands, designs, and styles available to choose from, and this seemingly endless stream of choice exasperates an already difficult and pricey decision.

With Club Car, the process is made simple. To better illustrate this process, we interviewed COO and General Manager, Mike Gardner of The Bridgewater Club to learn more about his recent switch to Club Car.

What made you consider Club Car as a possibility for your club’s new carts? Walk us through the process from start to finish.

Mike: I have always been impressed with the quality of Club Car’s carts. They are built very well and they last longer than the competition. That is always important but even more important for The Bridgewater Club since we purchase our vehicles versus lease them. VGM Club stayed involved to ensure we received a rebate on all the golf carts purchased. As for Club Car, our local rep Troy did a fantastic job developing new ideas to help bridge the financial gap.

If another club manager was contemplating a switch to Club Car, what guidance or assurance would you offer?

Mike: Club Car has the best quality, which is why you pay a little bit more. If they are in Indiana, working with Troy and the local distributor is fantastic. The local team has gone above and beyond to be a partner, not just a vendor.

Diving deeper into the weeds with Club Car

Industry-best technologies:

Club Car’s new advanced charging features introduce cutting-edge functionality into smaller, lighter and infinitely smarter design. ERIC (Efficient Reliable Intelligent Connected) has an immediate impact on a club’s operation. Directly resulting from ERIC, workflow and efficiencies increase as user error decreases and cart staff productivity improves.

This connectivity leads to more uptime and more revenue:

Advanced diagonostics, like immediate access to battery levels, help you catch problems before they become breakdowns out on the course that cost you time, money and customer goodwill.

Faster play makes happier golfers. More rounds equals more revenue:

Catch slow play before it bottlenecks by tracking the position and progress of every car on the course. Nudge slower groups with a message and, if necessary, instruct them to let groups play through. 

The value Club Car can bring to your club is evident, but it doesn’t stop there!

Want to learn more information on Club Car? Contact your VGM Club rep or visit their page on www.vgmclub.com