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    From the GOLF article, The 8 Rules of Business Golf: “Golf isn't merely a leisure sport. It's the martini lunch of the modern workforce, the buoyant venue where business gets done.” Golf is a staple of the modern business world. In today’s world, business is everywhere. Many country clubs are dealing with members who are focused on their business, keeping up with technology trends and a demanding family schedule. By providing a professional conference room replicating

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    Around this time every year, your mail becomes a sanctuary for holiday greetings. You learn how your cousins from out of state are doing. Perhaps a friend from college sends a photo with her beautiful yellow lab every year. Maybe your family sends one of these cards out too. Many of these mementos end up on the fridge. Wouldn't it be nice if your club was on that fridge too? Through November, our friends at Staples are offering a cost-effective solution to adding a personal touch to your club's

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